Taken not Given – Of Love and Loss

A memorial sculpture to recognise the State apology for past adoption practices.

Taken not Given – Of Love and Loss

Artists Statement:

Of Love and Loss.

My aim while creating this work was for it to be a quiet piece. I wanted to imbue within it the element of time.

The mother, holding in her arms…no baby. Her arm outstretched…to her child that she no longer has.

The toddler holding his toy bird, the mother and toddler have spent from birth to this stage apart.

The young girl with her hand reaching back to the mother she has never known, and looking ahead to her own future.

The life cycle.

While making this work my intention was for it to be a place of quiet contemplation, of remembrance, and healing.

Cast bronze, silver nitrate patina 2018

Corner of Treasury Place and Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne